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Here at Sewn Together, we love all aspects of patchwork, applique and quilting.  We are especially drawn to hand stitching.

Traditional hand piecing and English Paper Piecing using templates are our favourite forms of stitching. We have developed our own range of templates featuring both basic shapes and traditional quilt blocks.

Our online only store is based in a beautiful bayside suburb of Brisbane, but we ship our products across the world.

Sewn Together Templates

The unique marking system on our templates allows you to mark both the outer cutting line as well as the stitching line and alignment points. They are transparent for easy focus cutting and pattern repeat cutting. Although designed for hand piecing, most templates are suitable for machine stitching as well. They are heat proof and flexible and will not snap like an acrylic template.

They are designed and manufactured in Australia by a family owned company from 100% recyclable material.

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Confused About Hand Piecing and English Paper Piecing?

Find out the difference between these two very popular patchwork techniques in our short video.

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