About Us

I am a patchwork teacher and long arm quilter based in Brisbane, Australia and have been teaching workshops in south east Queensland for more years than I am prepared to admit.
In 2018, I was faced with the reality of yet another bricks and mortar store closing - this time it was the one I was employed at!
So, with a giant leap of faith, Sewn Together began in earnest.  I purchased a Bernina Q24 long arm quilter with Q-matic automation and now happily quilt for clients based all over Australia.  I love to be able to take your quilt top and return to you an almost completed quilt (I'll leave the binding to you...).  Many hours of love and care has gone into every quilt top I receive, it's wonderful to know that they will soon be going to someone special.
Hand Piecing and English Paper Piecing has always been a favourite technique for me and our team is currently developing some great new products for these techniques.  We love that you only need minimal equipment, that it's portable and you can sit and stitch with the rest of the family and not be tied to your sewing machine. Of course, hand piecing templates are great if you prefer machine piecing as well.
The last few years have thrown us challenges that we could not have even imagined.  It has made us rethink and plan to ensure our economic survival but also to be able to educate anyone who is wanting to learn more about patchwork and quilting, regardless of geographic location or COVID-19 restrictions and health concerns.
We are very proud to begin to offer online tutorials and workshops.  It has certainly been a team effort and a very steep learning curve.  We will continue to add to our workshops as well as provide helpful tips and techniques through our YouTube Channel.

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