Delectable Diamonds Template Set

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The unique marking system on these templates allows for easy marking of both the outer cutting line as well as the stitching line and alignment points.

This 60 degree diamond set contains 5 templates - 1 inch, 2 inch and 4 inch diamonds, 4 inch equilateral triangle (half large diamond) and a 2 inch 90 degree triangle (quarter of the large diamond).

These mix and match diamonds allow you to create your own designs with co-ordinated pieces.

These patented templates are perfect for traditional hand piecing but can be used for machine stitching or a combination of the two methods.

  • The transparent template allows for easy focus and fussy cutting
  • The flexibility makes them easy to use over embroidered or textured fabric
  • Laser cut from heat proof mylar for accuracy, will not crack like a traditional acrylic template
  • manufactured from a 100% recyclable material in Australia by a family owned Australian business
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